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School Statement of Values and Ethos

We believe that all people are individuals and all are equally important.  We recognise that there are differences between individuals and groups of individuals, differences of ability, age, colour, culture, race and gender.  We respect these differences and seek to provide opportunity for all to participate fully in the life of the school.  We have an unwavering commitment to support every child to succeed to the very best of their abilities. There is a strong focus on inter-cultural understanding and the promoting of the understanding and enjoyment of cultural activities. By teaching about the culture, history and geography of countries around the world we are able to compare and contrast our own understanding of life in modern Britain.

Time, energy and interest are devoted by each member of staff in the school towards developing a framework within which all children work and play together. This enables the children to develop healthy caring attitudes to those around them.

Whilst providing an exciting and challenging curriculum that meets the needs of the 21st century learner, we are clear in our belief in the need for children to have very good manners, to demonstrate outstanding behaviour for learning in the classroom and to be kind friends to one another at all times. As a school we deal with any behaviour issues swiftly and support children what ever the difficulty.


It is our belief that to achieve the best education for your child then a partnership between parents, pupils and staff is essential.

If learning is to be a pleasurable and rewarding experience then it is more effective when there is close co-operation between home and school.

Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in the life of the school, and their support is welcome. Opportunities are provided during the year to consult with the class teacher on an individual basis. The staff are always willing to meet parents to discuss children's progress.

Open events for parents such as Mathematics and Phonics briefings allow parents to understand key learning processes as well as building relationships with our school staff.

We run stay and play events for Nursery new starters where school staff also give briefings on all different areas of school life. These sessions support parents new to our Nursery.

Open mornings in Upper Foundation Stage allow parents to spend a morning alongside their children in class. We hold open mornings so that parents can picture the environment their children are talking about at home and see first hand how and what their children do. We also hold curriculum evenings for children in UFS to Y6 so parents can work alongside their children and the school staff looking at how we teach spelling, handwriting, mathematics, reading and writing skills. We share the topics that we study throughout the year and demonstrate how learning in core subjects is applied to outcomes in the foundation subjects. We demonstrate the importance of developing  and recalling knowledge in our foundation subjects.

Weekly class assemblies by each class allow parents to come into school and see what their children have been learning and be amazed and inspired by their confidence in speaking in front of a large audience as well as enjoying their singing and musical performances, dance routines,  dramatisation of historical events, ability to communicate effectively and confidently in a foreign language as well as show their stunning art work.

Parents new to the area and parents looking around schools for their child's first school are warmly welcomed into the school to look around and visit classes at a time that suits you. We do not hold a specific open day, we meet the needs of parents, organising a date suitable for parents.

Please contact the school office where your enquiry will be dealt with by our friendly staff.

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