Curriculum Overview

At Dane Royd we work on a two year rolling curriculum, this allows the children to access new curriculum content each year. Those working under the National curriculum in years 1 to 6 can work together as a cohort of two year groups (three classes), and lessons can be widely differentiated to meet each child's individual needs. 

Mr Davison and Mrs Kendall are responsible for curriculum in our school. They have a full overview of all the subjects taught. Each teacher in school is also Subject Leaders. Subject Leaders are responsible for their subjects across the whole school. 

If parents would like further information about any of the subjects taught in school, they can talk to the curriculum leaders or individual subject leaders. The staff page has information on the subjects that each teacher leads.

2 Year Rolling Curriculum

The 2 year rolling curriculum allows us to reach more children as we have 45 places for each year group rather than the standard 30. In order to ensure that every child covers the same subjects and topics during their time at Dane Royd and at the same time study something new each year we repeat the same topics every other year, so for example in the Year 1/2 cohort a topic that one child studies in Year 1 another may study whilst in Year 2 and vice versa and as all lessons are differentiated the children will be taught each subject at a level suitable to them.

Below is the Whole School Plan for the academic year 2018/19

2 Year cycle curriculum document

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From September 2014 a new National Curriculum has been in place, this is followed by Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.  There are not many changes to the curriculum but ICT is to be known as Computing.  In Year 1 children move onto Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum and encounter a wide variety of subjects.  The school has a statutory responsibility to follow the National Curriculum.   This means that at Dane Royd School children are taught all National Curriculum subjects along with Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHE & C) and Religious Education in Year 1 to Year 6. Children from Nursery to Year 6 learn French and Children from Year 3 to 6 learn a second language; Chinese Mandarin.  The National Curriculum subjects are:

Core Subjects

English, Mathematics and Science    


Foundation Subjects

Computing, Art & Design, Design Technology, Geography, History, Languages, Music and Physical Education.

Religious Education is taught in line with the agreed Wakefield syllabus. 


We have eleven classes at Dane Royd School plus our Nursery. We have two Upper Foundation Stage classes who follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum alongside Nursery. The National Curriculum is organised into two Key Stages in the primary school.  Year 1, Year 1/2  and Year 2 follow Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum.   Year 3, Year 3/4,Year 4, Year 5, Year 5/6  and Year 6 follow Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum.    


At Dane Royd School we have mapped and shared out the content of the National Curriculum to each class group to ensure every element is covered, but without unnecessary overlap.  Emphasis is put on children learning skills in each area of the curriculum. The class teacher teaches the core subjects to their class with most foundation Subjects. In addition we have specialist teachers in languages French and Mandarin, Music, Dance and Science who lead these lessons in some of our classes. Children’s responses are constantly monitored and assessed by the class teacher.  


At the end of Key Stage 1, children are assessed by their teacher in the National Curriculum core subjects of English, Maths and Science. At the end of Key Stage 2 Year 6 children are assessed using Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) in the National Curriculum core subjects of English and Maths. Emphasis is given to English Literacy, language and to numeracy in the curriculum with more time dedicated to these areas.  Additional time is spent on Science and Computing.  

In line with the new National Curriculum we make links between curriculum areas and we have recently introduced new  topics which incorporate a range of subjects such as geography, history, design technology, art and design, social understanding, essentials for learning and life and enterprise.

Additional time is given to revisit and develop skills learnt in Literacy, Numeracy and Computing through these cross curricular topics and other lessons. Dedicated time is given to teaching and learning of Computing, Religious Education, Music, P.E. Modern Foreign Languages and SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning).  English and Maths are taught daily. Children are involved in at least 2 hours of physical activity every week.


Teaching Reading

At Dane Royd we use a combination of the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme which is the UK's number one reading programme and the Dandelion Reading Scheme.  

The ORT scheme has systematic phonics at its heart and provides teachers and parents with support materials. 

Dandelion Readers are a series of decodable phonics based texts based on the progression of the Sounds-Write reading and spelling programme.

The books have a step by step progression and can be used alongside any phonic programme.

Dandelion Reader is a synthetic phonics reading series for UFS and Year 1. The books were created to provide reading material to support the synthetic phonics taught in the classroom. The books are also suitable for older reluctant readers as well as  children who need further support in identified areas.


Phonics and Reading
Together our schemes:

• Teach - using systematic phonics resources and training that really work
• Practise -  decodable readers 
• Offer richer reading - through a huge selection of stories with children's best-loved characters and Dandelion books that have animated modern characters
• Bridge the gap - with support for the transition from phonics into richer reading 
• Make progress - through careful levelling
• Support parents - with detailed inside cover notes in every title

We have a large stock of the full range of Oxford Reading Tree books and Dandelion books that we are continually updating. 

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The Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding in school is Miss Kelly.

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mrs Kendall, Mr Mensah and Mrs White. Should you have any safeguarding concerns, you should contact one of our Safeguarding leads.

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