In Early Years the children follow the Early years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS).

In Key Stage One and Two children are taught the National Curriculum for English which splits the teaching of English into Reading and Writing.


The Writing Curriculum is broken down into:

  • Handwriting

  • Punctuation and Grammar

  • Composition

  • Spelling

English lessons follow a book led approach, where the text chosen links to the year group’s topic for that half term, or term.  The writing produced benefits from this approach, as the task is made more purposeful. Texts are chosen to inspire and engage our pupils, to expose them to new vocabulary and to promote discussions. Books are used to stimulate writing and in reading lessons to teach skills, as well as as a class novel that children enjoy listening to in class and reading themselves.

Each year group is taught specific grammar and punctuation terminology, and how to use these in their writing. At the end of Year 2 and Year 6 children will sit a Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test. At Dane Royd Junior and Infant School we use the Nelson Spelling Scheme from Year 1- Year 6. Each week, children are provided with a list of ability appropriate spellings which they are tested on and the spelling pattern taught in class. In writing lessons, learning objectives have a punctuation and grammar focus. From Year 1- Year 6 teachers use the ‘Place Value of Grammar Punctuation’ grid to inform their planning, this is a document which suggests the order of grammar and punctuation that should be taught in each year group - beginning from the first box will ensure a deeper level of understanding for all future teaching. By implementing a "place value" of punctuation and grammar, we are able to create strong foundations to build on.


Children from Year 1-6 are taught the cursive script for handwriting. 

English focused books

Below you can read some short reviews from the children on the books that they have enjoyed during the Autumn term.

Moon Shine Dragon

I like this book because the knights are always shouting and are very angry. My favourite part is when the action happens because there is flying and Patrick and the dragon help each other. I like it because Patrick and the dragon are great friends and they are kind to each other. Nathan, Year 2


I like this book because it is filled with magic. Rapunzel is very naughty and goes out in the night and makes lots of silly friends. I liked her. Freya, Year 1

Nim’s Island

I liked this book because it was set on an island and also because there are lots of animals. A disaster strikes and an adventure follows. Alfie, Year 3

How to Train Your Dragon

This is a funny, silly book about a group of boys attempting to train a dragon as a pet. My favourite part was when they had to try and get the dragon out from the dragon nursery at the start. Millie, Year 4

Running Wild

Running Wild is a fantastic book with amazing descriptions and lots of action. I love that it is based in real life and the pictures Michael Morpurgo paints in your mind are stunning! Lucy, Year 5

Time Traveller Sarah Lacey

Time Traveller Sarah Lacey has action from the moment you open the book- a thrilling adventure set in our local area. Miles, Year 5


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