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As Geographers, we want children to be able to understand the world around them through developing a range of skills and knowledge. We do this through our exciting curriculum and embed skills learnt throughout our lessons in geography and vice versa. Geography topics from ‘Journey to Oz’ in KS1 and ‘It’s Not Too Late’ in KS2 hook children into learning about the world around them.

At Dane Royd, we want children to develop a fascination with the world. We believe geography can be a central driver to supporting our work on developing students as global citizens with modern British values. If children develop an understanding of their local area and their wider surroundings, we believe they will develop the desire to find out more about the wider world.

Children having a ‘hands on approach’ to their learning, particularly in geography, can help support their learning in both this subject and others. The use of fieldwork in order to understand the world around them is paramount in developing a range of skills from the wider curriculum and these opportunities are utilised on many occasions.

Geography enables children to develop a deeper understanding and connection to places and people that they may not have, or may never, come into contact with. Teachers are encouraged to use these lessons to enhance the amount of experiences children are exposed to and use them to support elsewhere in the curriculum.


Through a carefully planned progressive-curriculum, teachers plan engaging topics which they think that will inspire, challenge and motivate children to learn. There is a two year rolling programme in which children’s skills and knowledge are embedded and developed during their time at Dane Royd.

Two Year Humanities Curriculum Plan
image GEOG.png

Our topics are designed to fully immerse children in their learning. Topics link across many curriculum areas and children are then encouraged to think and act like geographers at as many opportunities as possible.

Occasions are given for the consolidation of skills and the development of knowledge within each year group. Children’s understanding of human and physical is developed through studies of the local area, the United Kingdom, regions of Europe and the North and South American Continent in KS2 and Africa and Australia in KS1


At Dane Royd Junior and Infant School, we are preparing our children to be global citizens that share common values of respect and tolerance. Geography supports their ability to put this into action in both their future education and work but also their wider life.

Geography Knowledge Organisers
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