Home Learning KS1 and KS2

In September 2020, we were delighted to open our doors fully and welcome back all of our children to Dane Royd. Although we wish school to remain open for all our pupils and staff in the coming months, we have prepared our curriculum offer so all children this academic year will have access to our broad, enriching and fun curriculum, regardless of where they are accessing their learning from. This area of the website is to support children and families in providing a home-learning offer which is in-line with the curriculum being taught in school.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

We have written an extensive plan which will support our children. As always we will communicate with our families to ensure our home-learning offer is accessible and achievable. However if you do need to speak to someone regarding home-learning, please email the Curriculum Lead, Mrs Kendall at gkendall@daneroyd.com

What is the home-learning offer?

We have thought carefully about what is right for our children, families and staff when planning our home-learning offer. We appreciate, for many of our families, home-learning can be problematic for various reasons, and we have taken these factors on board when planning our home-learning offer. During the Spring lockdown, our families became familiar and confident in using the school website – therefore we are continuing to use this as the platform for accessing our resources initially.

Please see information below about what home-learning will look like in different circumstances. Copies of which have been emailed via our Parent mail account.

For our SEN children, we will offer individual learning packs to meet their needs.

What resources does my child need?

Every child has received their individual learning pack which will stay at home in case of self-isolation and/or closure. In this pack your child has everything they need to access home-leaning.

If a child does not have access to a computer/laptop and/or the internet, the school will do all it can to support children and will provide paper packs of learning. Where funding can be accessed, remote devices (e.g. laptops) and/or 4G connections will be sought, particularly for disadvantaged children.  Parents will be reminded to make the school aware of any barriers to accessing remote learning. Paper copies will still be available.

Please access the link below if you do not have access to the above mentioned – this will make school aware of your circumstances. Mr Davison will communicate with families who need any technical advice and will support you in accessing funding and/or devices where appropriate. https://headteacher293055.typeform.com/to/phfQaP3Y

How will my child’s work be marked?

Our home-learning offer should ensure children do not lose any learning and can transition smoothly back into the classroom after a period of absence; being able to re-join the class curriculum. We therefore ask children to follow the weekly class timetable as closely as possible so their learning at home is in-line with the curriculum coverage in school.

There are many ways teachers will monitor your child’s work:

  • Twitter – please access your child’s twitter page to communicate. We loved seeing your work and home-learning via this platform last time!

  • Email – please email any work to the school homework account www.homework@daneroyd.com">www.homework@daneroyd.com

  • Teams – in the case of a bubble closure or school closure, we will be setting assignments via Teams for some year groups which will allow work to be sent in and marked on-line.

  • ‘Evidence Me’ – Nursery and Foundation Stage parents are encouraged to upload and share the super learning at home via this secure app. This will add to your child’s learning journey in school.

What about my child’s welfare?

As always, our children’s happiness is at the heart of everything we do. We are very proud of the relationships we have with our families and our weekly phone-calls during lock-down proved invaluable in maintaining these links with our families. Staff are therefore passionate in continuing this good practice in the event of further closures. These arrangements vary depending on scenarios, however there will communication with our families and children via phone and Teams. As always, the SLT and class teachers are contactable via the school office.