Christmas Performance Dates

We are pleased to share our planned Christmas Performance dates with you. Information regarding tickets (which are free) will be given out closer to the performance dates.


Monday 9th December

2.15pm Years 5 and 6

6.15pm Years 5 and 6

Wednesday 11th December

2.15pm Years 3 and 4

6.15pm Years 3 and 4

Thursday 12th December

9.15am UFS and Morning Nursery

2.15pm Years 1 and 2

Friday 13th December

9.15am Years 1 and 2

2.15pm UFS and Afternoon Nursery

Our Upper Foundation Stage staff have asked that we remind all parents using their side of the building to access UFS, Years 3, 3-4 and 5-6, that you supervise your children whilst waiting to go into class and do not allow them to climb or sit on the UFS play equipment, in particular our new monkey bars, tractor tyres and balance beams. We also request that parents do not use this equipment to sit on.


As our catchment area is very widespread across Rural Wakefield, a larger number of cars than many primary schools are used to enable children to access school. As part of our travel plan, in conjunction with the Local Authority we encourage those parents who are able to, to use alternative methods to driving a car. We encourage children to be as active as possible on their way to school. Children accessing the Woolley Grange bus are encouraged to walk to the bus stop from their homes. Walking to school for children in the immediate local area is encouraged as is cycling. We provide a bicycle rack for those parents who wish to bring their children to school on two wheels. Children in Years 5 and 6 who have passed their Bikeability training, which is provided by the school in conjunction with Wakefield Council, may cycle to school unaccompanied. All bicycles should be secured to the bicycle rack using a cycle lock.  For the safety of our children, bikes and scooters should not be brought past the bicycle rack onto the playground or paths around school.  


ASD Coffee Morning

 The first Monday of every month at 9am we hold a short coffee morning for parents of children with ASD.

Mrs White our SENCO supports the event. The purpose is for parents to share home and community experiences and ideas with each other. The group are very supportive and it provides an opportunity for parents to meet parents in similar situations.

Twitter Accounts

Have you signed up to you child's new classes Twitter account? Here are the account names.

The whole school Twitter account is @DaneRoydSchool. We will use this to communicate emergency events as well as sharing everyday school events.












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The Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding in school is Miss Kelly.

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mrs Kendall, Mr Mensah and Mrs White. Should you have any safeguarding concerns, you should contact one of our Safeguarding leads.

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