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Mrs Hartshorne (3 days)


I am a Mum to 2 girls, who both attended Dane Royd which gave them a solid foundation for their future education. Music has been a big feature in my life, and I have been playing the piano from the age of 7. This has been the mainstay throughout my teaching career - I love playing the piano in our school assemblies and concerts. I have been a teacher now for 23 years and have spent 20 of those years teaching at Dane Royd, starting in lower Key Stage 2 before spending 4 years in Upper Foundation and 2 years teaching Nursery. Early Years is my passion and I’m a strong advocate for learning through play in a nurturing atmosphere.


Miss Richards (2 days)


I am also a mum of 2 girls, including an 11 month old. Reading to my children on an evening has given me a wonderful insight into the amazing literature available for our youngest audience. I channel this enthusiasm into the classroom instilling a love of reading from an early age. I’ve been teaching here at Dane Royd for the last 4 years, mainly in lower school but also have previous experience teaching in a variety of primary schools across the Wakefield area.


It is our aim, supported by Mrs Batley and Mrs Devlin, to provide a safe environment for the children to learn and this is achieved through play and exploration within a variety of topics. We also love to have fun, and music plays a big part in Nursery life whether it be singing songs and Nursery Rhymes, or listening to music while we are dancing. Exposing music to children at such a young age ignites a learning of sounds and meanings of words. This enhances our Phase 1 phonics which is based on distinguishing sounds.

School life begins in Nursery and we forge strong links with parents before the children even start, through organised play sessions where the children can get to know the adults and familiarise themselves with the setting. It is also an opportunity for parents to talk to staff about any questions they may have.

Our overall aim is to capture the children’s imagination which we hope will help to foster a love of learning to last a lifetime.

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