A creative curriculum to inspire life-long learning

What makes the Curriculum at Dane Royd?

At Dane Royd, we believe that every child should be the best that they can be and we have high aspirations for every pupil in our school. Our main aim is to have an engaging and exciting curriculum which ‘hooks’ every child’s imagination and life-long love for learning.

As a school, we have considered the needs of our children and worked tirelessly as a staff to ensure we have planned a challenging and inspiring curriculum allowing children to progress and achieve across all subjects. Our approach to the curriculum is a fully immersive experience. Our topic drivers are cross curricular as we believe this allows children to develop a deep and broad understanding of the studied topic. Children are then able to, and are encouraged, to think inquisitively about the learning objective of the lesson.

We have designed a two year rolling programme which covers the objectives set out in the National Curriculum. However, this long term plan is flexible and revised yearly by the assessment lead and class teachers to ensure the topics planned are engaging for the specific cohorts and meet the needs of all pupils. The subjects taught in our school are listed below. Please see individual subject pages for extra information about specific subjects.

Three core subjects:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Science

Foundation subjects:

  • History

  • Geography

  • Computing

  • Art

  • DT

  • Music

  • Physical Education

  • Religious Studies

  • Personal, Social and Emotional education

  • French


In addition to this, the school has been recognised as having an excellent languages curriculum and we also provide children the opportunity to develop their language skills even further by learning Mandarin. This subject is taught by a Mandarin teacher who is employed through the British Council and their Chinese partners, Hanban. These are experienced teachers who join our teaching staff for the full academic year.

As part of our fully immersive curriculum, we offer children in Year 6 the opportunity to visit our link schools in Chengdu, China. This is a further opportunity for our children to grow as global citizens.

We feel strongly that part of our job is to prepare our children to be strong independent citizens in their adult lives. Part of our curriculum has been to develop independent learners as we feel it is important for children to lead their own learning to enable them to become leaders of the future. For example, within classes, we have pupil subject leaders who are encouraged to support their fellow peers before having to ask adults for support. We have particularly developed this in our maths lessons where children are encouraged to challenge themselves and move quickly onto the application of maths to fully embed their knowledge and understanding. Within PE, children have been trained as Sports Leaders which involves them planning and leading sessions at playtimes for younger children.

As part of our personal, social and emotional education, we encourage children to think critically about the world in which they live making them responsible and moral citizens. We explore topical questions during our assemblies, considering the impact of these questions on pupils' lives. We are acutely aware that children enter our school with differing life experiences and are therefore keen to give children access to as many new experiences as possible. Experiences are a key part of our curriculum and every topic will have an educational visit to bring learning to life.

At Dane Royd, the curriculum is beyond the hours in the classroom and, as a school, we are very proud of the clubs our staff and school provide for our children during and after the timetabled school day. In 2018-2019, we offer 17 extra-curricular clubs including: baking, sewing, reading, Spanish, choir, ocarina and PE activities. These clubs are free of charge as we feel they should be available to all of our children.

We believe our curriculum excels in developing a love for learning which, in turn, results in strong progress and attainment for our pupils, preparing them for the next stage in their life-long learning.

Curriculum Overview

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The Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding in school is Miss Kelly.

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mrs Kendall, Mr Mensah and Mrs White. Should you have any safeguarding concerns, you should contact one of our Safeguarding leads.

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