September Updates

Expressions of interest bookings for before and after school playcare are in place. 

After school care begins Monday 7th September and morning care begins Tuesday 8th September.

Letter to Parents/Carers 6th July 2020

Letter to Parents/Carers 13th July 2020

13th July 2020 

Dear Parent / Carer 

Today you will have received your child’s annual written report. The report reflects the learning that children completed prior to the full closure of school in March 2020.  

In addition, we have advised you of your child’s new class teacher for September 2020 and the class that they will be in. 

You will also find a very important document; our FAQs for our full school opening on September 7th 2020. Although this is a lengthy document, we ask that you read this document carefully as it will explain the plans for how our school will operate in September and hopefully answer many of the questions you may have about your child returning to the classroom. 

We will have a staggered start of just five minutes between classes; this should help with the flow of parents in and out of school. In the first week, there will be lots of staff on-hand outside on the main playground for Key Stage One and Two parents to ensure you line up with your children in the right place, at the right time. 

There are also instructions for Nursery, Wraparound and Upper Foundation Stage children. We will help you organise siblings move around school smoothly. It will be new for us too as this will be the fourth method of how our school will operate in under a year! 

We are pleased to confirm that our before and after school playcare provision will be able to re-open. Details of which are within the FAQs attached. Mrs Beddard will communicate with those parents who responded to our expression of interest letter for a booked placed in our playcare. 

The government guidance which we are working with to help in re-opening the school was released just over a week ago. It has been written for the Autumn term.  It is quite possible that this guidance may change during the summer holidays, or during the Autumn term. If we need to make any changes to our application of the guidance, we will inform you as soon as is possible. Schools have been asked to apply the guidance according to their individual school; no two schools are identical in layout, organisation, staffing and the community they serve. So please do not compare schools for how they have organised under the government guidance. Our Governing Body will approve all our risk assessment documentation. The Chair of Governors and the Headteacher discuss all updates to the guidance and the changes required.  

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every parent who has got in touch with me or my staff members by phone, e-mail or in person and taken the time to talk about what the school, our children, our community and our staff have been through. 

The critical worker parents in the Police & NHS and other uniformed services spoke to us throughout the early days in lockdown, when we opened school 7.30am to 6pm, about their experiences and that mutual support really did help us.  Many parents have baked cakes, sent thank you notes and checked in with us; all of our staff were very appreciative of this support.  

We also want to say a huge well done to parents on providing some fantastic home learning experiences for your children. We have loved your engagement on Twitter, sharing what you have been doing at home - it cannot have been easy for you, particularly if you have also been working alongside trying to teach your child.  

The children who have returned to school in the partial opening have gained so much from their home learning experiences, however they are certainly ready to learn in a school environment once again and have demonstrated an enjoyment of following a timetable and routine. I hope that this encourages those parents whose children were not able to return to be reassured that the return to school has been very positive and children have settled into school very quickly. 

In September we will have a new teacher joining us. Miss Tolson will be teaching in Year 3. Miss Tolson, along with all our class teachers have posted video messages that can be viewed on Twitter on the new class page for your child’s class. We are including the twitter link for the videos in our e-mail. 

We have held a full transition programme for staff in school with your child’s current class teacher meeting with your child’s new class teacher for 2020-2021. They have discussed your child’s learning, likes and dislikes, medical needs, allergies and any other relevant information to aid transition. We have maintained the same one to one support staff with children with EHCPs in order to maintain consistency and relationships for each child. 

I will be writing to all parents again before the end of term with any updates.  

Yours sincerely  


Miss Kelly 


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