Sports Premium- 2015-2016

The following is a summary of how Dane Royd Junior and Infant School allocated the 2015/16 PE and Sports Grant. (£9085)

Grant amount 2015-16: £9085 (our third tranche of funding from April 15 –March 16)

Additional spend allocated from delegated schools budget.
Main aims:

  • To utilise the P.E primary funding effectively in order to improve the quality, provision and sustainability of P.E. in school.

  • To develop lifelong sporting and fitness habits and to encourage sporting hobbies.

  • To provide a comprehensive package of sport in school time with an aim to offer all pupils at least 2 hours of school sports each week.

  • To provide free of charge after school clubs for children led by high quality, experienced coaches, dance teachers and teaching staff.

To use cross curricular opportunities to enjoy taking part in sporting and fitness activities.
Priority 1- To further improve teacher confidence in teaching and delivering PE lessons.
Priority 2- To increase pupil access to expert coaching and thereby increase pupil engagement in school sports and to encourage a higher participation rate in school sport beyond the school day.
Priority 3- To develop sporting and fitness habits from a young age.

In 2010 Dane Royd were appointed as a Lead School for the London 2012 Get Set programme for schools. Our Headteacher, Miss Kelly was a member of the Learning Experts Panel that served as an Advisory Group to the London 2012 Organising Committee’s Education team. The Get Set programme enabled the school to give further expression to its longstanding philosophy of placing PE and its range of associated extra-curricular activities at the heart of school life; Get Set was a means of reinvigorating its focus on the importance of a values-based approach in the classroom and across the curriculum. The school also used the Get Set network funding to further strengthen its links to other primary and secondary schools in Wakefield. Get Set funding was provided to the school to provide sporting opportunities for schools across the Wakefield
district. A case study was written about the impact of the programme put in place by Dane Royd. Further to this success legacy funding was provided to Dane Royd in 2013-14 to encourage children to take part in a wider range of sports. The then PE coordinator led a programme of activities for children across school. Pupil Premium children were encouraged to participate. Specialist coaching in skiing, tennis, swimming, dance, basketball and other sports were provided. Building on this legacy we recognise the need to employ specialist coaches and teachers. The school implemented further suggested Get Set+ projects such as Let’s get cooking, attained the full International School Award from the British Council and have taken part in the Lloyds TSB National Sport Week. The learning gained from the London 2012 Games have shaped our use of the Sports Premium fund.

In evaluating the successes of this year and identifying ways forward the school has employed a full time class teacher who is a Sports Science graduate. Mr Watson will take on the leadership of Physical Education in School, the responsibility for managing the School Sports Coach, Dance Teacher, sporting competitions (inter and intra school) and all extra-curricular provision in school.

2015-16 Sports Premium

Other sporting opportunities at Dane Royd:

At Dane Royd we understand the importance of competitive sport, consequently we engage in various intraschool and inter-school competitions and events throughout the year.

  • Each month, teams from Dane Royd are invited to compete in tournaments against other schools within the Kettlethorpe Pyramid. These sporting events give our young people an experience of competitive sport and challenges.

  • All pupils take part in intra-school competition for Sports Day. Our current format involves all children competing to earn points for their ‘house’ in various class races and activities. Furthermore our improved resources will ensure a better quality of experience and provision of sports day. Successful pupils will achieve bronze/silver/gold stickers to link to the Olympics to reward them for their individual/team efforts.

  • Year 6 children are invited to take part in the annual Olympic Event at Kettlethorpe High School alongside other Wakefield Schools.


Other activities offered include:

  • This year, there has been a further increase in the range of sporting extra-curricular clubs for children across the school attend. These clubs are run by qualified sports coaches and/or our own teaching staff (see list for 2015-16 clubs)

  • Weekly Swimming lessons for all Year 5 pupils at Sun Lane Leisure Centre

  • One-off workshops planned through the year to celebrate National events such as Sports Relief with whole-school participation in physical activity e.g. dance-a-thon, running a mile around school playing field…etc


We actively encourage pupils to extend their sporting skills by directing them to our local sporting clubs through individual talent spotting and through whole group taster sessions. The clubs we link with include:

  • Hall Green Football Club

  • Hall Green Rugby Club

  • Wakefield Wildcats Rugby League

  • Wakefield Harriers Athletic Club

  • Wakefield Swimming Club- Sun Lane

  • Barnsley Metrodome Swimming Club

  • Wakefield Gymnastics Club- Thornes Park

  • Hall Green Cricket Club

  • Various Dance and Cheerleading groups

  • Sandal Tennis Club

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The Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding in school is Miss Kelly.

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mrs Kendall, Mr Mensah and Mrs White. Should you have any safeguarding concerns, you should contact one of our Safeguarding leads.

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