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A Message From Mrs Kendall our Deputy Headteacher and Curriculum Leader

In the last week, the DfE has released a Government backed on-line platform, (Oak National Academy) which some of our parents have enquired about. This site, along with many others, has been created to try and support parents in home-schooling their children. The Oak National Academy has been set up by more than 40 teachers and is funded by the Department of Education to provide video lessons for students, with each lesson coming with a corresponding quiz and worksheet.

One of the tasks for our Subject Leaders this week has been to revise what is available for our children and consider what would meet the needs of our curriculum. Hence, we have made some slight alterations in suggested websites for the daily Maths and English lessons.

We are now asking for home-schooling to primarily follow the White Rose Maths and Oak Academy for the majority of the English work. In addition to this, we are still asking for children to continue with the Bedrock and Times Table Rockstars lessons in KS2 and the Numbots maths app and new phonics Letters and Sounds for KS1.

We are conscious, that although the amount of free resources out there are an amazing resource for parents, the vast amount of accessible resources could also be confusing for many families to understand what is expected on a daily basis. Our class teachers have therefore produced a weekly guide for parents who would like a bit more structure. As in previous correspondence, I would like to reiterate that this will look different in every house due to the needs of the child and the commitments of the family home.

The task sheet will provide directed daily maths and English lessons on the on-line platforms previously sent home. In addition to this, in the style of our optional homework, we have also set six weekly topic tasks linked to the topic the children would have been studying if they had been in school. As with the homework, these are optional tasks. If children do complete any learning at home, we would really appreciate these being shared on your child’s class twitter page. This will allow staff to monitor engagement with the tasks and provide feedback where appropriate.

Each week the timetable / planning document and all the supporting resources that you will need will be published as a page on the school website. The page is under the Home Learning tab and is named according to the date of each week.

The weekly learning grids and resources can be found at;

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