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Welcome to Wraparound

Meet the Staff

Mrs Empsall

Favourite Subject: I love answering children's

questions about minibeasts, wildlife and

animals which helps to develop their

understanding of the world.

Favourite Book: Highway Rat - I especially

reading this book to my grandson.

Favourite Author: Julia Donaldson

Favourite Song: Queen Delilah

Hobbies: My ponies, wildlife and anything to do with animals.

Miss Lodge

Favourite Subject: Working with children in

the early Years is magical you never know

what your day is going to be. I enjoy all the

activities with the children.


Favourite Book: ​It’s got to be Peter Rabbit.

I loved these books when I was a child.


Favourite Author: Beatrix Potter – obviously!


Favourite Song:  There are just too many songs I love to only pick one!


Hobbies:  I have a rescue dog and love taking him for walks in the parks. I also enjoy going to vintage fairs and salvage fairs.


Mrs Beddard

Favourite Subject: 


I love involving the children in art and crafts

work. There’s something magical about

watching their faces light up as they


Favourite Book:


My favourite book is ‘Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse’ by Ursula Moray Williams. It was read to me in Primary school by my class teacher and holds many fond memories.

Favourite Author: 


My favourite author is Nick Butterworth.. I love the Percy the Park Keeper series.

Favourite Song:


I enjoy most types of music, but especially power ballads and Disney tunes.  Basically anything that makes me feel happy!



I love reading, painting and pottering in my garden.  I also enjoy exploring and travelling and spending time with my family.


Wraparound was opened in September 2003 and is now a well-established and recognised part of Dane Royd School. 

Wraparound offers childcare before and after our nursery sessions for three and four year olds on payment of a fee.  We believe we offer every child continuity of care, which in turn promotes and enhances their individual development and learning. 

During the sessions the children are provided with play opportunities, which reflect the needs and interests of the children attending.  Activities include arts and crafts, construction, baking, junk modelling, physical play, and the opportunity to be involved in many celebrations and traditions throughout the year.  Healthy snacks and drinks are provided during the session.

Further details including fees, lunchtime arrangements, registration and setting up a Magic Bookings account can be obtained by contacting Mrs Beddard on 01924 242917 or by e-mailing  We look forward to meeting you and your children!

What will we learn?


Our Designated Safeguarding Team consists of Miss Kelly, Mrs Kendall, Mrs Hemingway and Mr Lee. Our Mental Health Leads are Mrs Hemingway and Mrs Kendall. If you have any concerns about a child or family, please speak to one of these staff members. They can be contacted via the main school office, (01924 242917) or by email, to  (Please mark FAO: DSL/Safeguarding Concern)

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