Year 1-2

Miss Scanlon

The class teacher is myself Miss Scanlon and I work with the fabulous class teaching assistant Miss Smith. As a team we set high expectations and work hard with the children so that every child has a successful and enjoyable year.

I believe a child who sings is a happy child, hence why I am always singing with the children and letting music come through all lessons. If we are not singing then you might find us running around the playground to burn off some of our excess energy and be ready to focus and learn in lessons.

I strive for my classroom to be a safe environment for children to be able to make mistakes and not be judged for them. We all learn from our mistakes and come out a better person for it.

We work as a team in Year 1/2 where no child is left out, no child is left behind and everyone feels valued. We celebrate achievements and ensure that we focus on what we can improve on.

Throughout Key Stage One children will consolidate and build upon everything they have learnt whilst being in the key stage. The class have opportunities to learn both within the classroom and in our outdoor school environment.

Throughout Key Stage One children grow so much to become more independent learners. Their inquisitive minds ensure they want to know more and ask lots of exciting questions. These years helps them to gain an understanding of who they are and their personalities really shine through.

I hope that children will have fond memories of being in Year 1/2 for years to come. A highlight for a few is learning about Safari, Florence Nightingale and the world we live in. What will be your child’s highlights?

Keep up to date with what we get up to on our class twitter page @DaneRoydY1_2