Year 3
Mrs Markey

In Year 3, the children are taught by Mrs Markey and supported by Miss Squires. 

The Year 3 classroom is shared by lots of different creatures that the children are responsible for their welfare. There are stick insects and pond creatures and we have also had 8 chicks hatch in our class.

As we are now in KS2, we are focusing on becoming independent learners and taking responsibility for our learning. The Year 3 team strive for every child to enjoy learning and discovering the world around them. Our Year 3 Geography and History topics function to help the children learn about the world around them and local history as well. 


Mrs Markey is a science specialist and loves the outdoors. The children in her care are enjoying this aspect of teaching in particular and are helping Mrs Markey with our school garden.

As a staff team we aim for every child to feel safe and secure in our classroom, with memorable lessons to last a life time. Please check our twitter page (@DaneRoydY3) for regular updates about the memories we are creating in Year 3.

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