Year 3-4

Miss Bottom

In Year 3/4, the children are supported by myself (Miss Bottom) and Mrs Fenton. In our classroom, we aim to create a positive, encouraging and stimulating learning environment for the pupils.


As we are in KS2, we are focusing on becoming independent learners and taking responsibility for our learning. The Year 3/4 team strive for every child to enjoy learning and discovering the wider world.


Our first Geography unit this year is ‘Under the Canopy’, focusing on exploring the world’s tropical rainforests. Interestingly, I have lived in South East Asia, where there is a large rainforest, and I love sharing my knowledge and experiences of the wider world with the Year 3/4 pupils.


As a staff team we aim for every child to feel safe and secure in our classroom, with memorable lessons to last a lifetime. Excitingly, I come from a background in Drama so expect the Year 3/4 children to be regularly learning through movement, performance and role play! By the end of the year, the children will have an array of actions under their belt to help them with their learning of new concepts.

Please check our twitter page (@DaneRoydY3_4) for regular updates about the memories we are creating in our classroom.