Years 5 and 6 Curriculum

On this page you will find the curriculum documents for Key Stage One, this includes the curriculum booklets for the current academic year and previous academic year, a link to another page with class specific information, a link the subject by cohort page which has a break down of each subject according to the year group and the curriculum overview (long term plan) which gives a brief overview of each subject studied throughout the academic year for this year and last year.

2 Year Rolling Curriculum

Dane Royd works on a 2 year rolling curriculum, this allows us to reach more children as we have 45 places for each year group rather than the standard 30. In order to ensure that every child covers the same subjects and topics during their time at Dane Royd and at the same time study something new each year we repeat the same topics every other year, therefore a topic that one child studies in Year 2 another may study whilst in Year 1 and vice versa and as all lessons are differentiated the children will be taught each subject at a level suitable to them.

On this page you will find both the current and previous academic year documents to give you and idea of what will be studied over the two year cycle.

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Curriculum Booklets


Curriculum Booklets


Class specific information

Subjects by year group

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