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Welcome to Nursery

Meet the Staff

Miss Mortimer

Favourite Subject:


I love how our Early Years Curriculum

encourages our learners to explore their

imaginations and demonstrate their skills

and knowledge in various ways. I am

happiest in the role-play areas, taking on

a character along with the children; scaffolding play and following their narrative.

I also really enjoy experimenting with craft materials and media at the Creation Station to make models and pictures of familiar objects, people and animals. Making things is so much fun! I also love teaching our littlest learners how to speak and understand some simple French vocabulary through games and rhymes.

Favourite Book:


The Bog Baby

Favourite Author:


Kes Gray – author of the ‘Daisy’ series and the ‘Oi…’ books

Favourite Song:


Ed Sheeran is my favourite singer/songwriter. I love all of his songs! I do enjoy lots of the music in the charts and sing at the top of my voice in the car along to the radio!


Being out in nature is my happy place! I love exploring woodland and river trails with my family. I also enjoy eating out nice restaurants and visiting new cities with my friends. To wind down on an evening, I like to curl up on the sofa and watch a good series on the television.


Mrs Batley

Favourite Subject: Has to be PE - I love

seeing children reach out of their comfort

zone and learn new skills. 

Favourite Book: Stick Man by Julia Donaldson;

a regular night time favourite when my

children were little. 

Favourite Author: Julia Donaldson - I just love

her rhyming stories.

Favourite Song: 'Head and Heart' by Joel Corry just makes me want to get up and dance! 

Hobbies:  Cycling, Aero-fit and being a committed 'football mum' in all weather conditions!


Mrs Waite

Favourite Subject: Art & Design - I love to

experiment with different colours and


Favourite Book: Winnie-the-Pooh. I just love

his friendship with Christopher Robin! 

Favourite Author: A.A Milne 

Favourite Song: Proud by Heather Small-this

song makes me smile every time I hear it.  

Hobbies: I love to read and listen to stories. My dogs keep me very busy-they like very long walks. It's a good job I do too! I really enjoy camping with family and friends-looking for stars and listening to owls at night is very exciting!


Miss Lodge

Favourite Subject: Working with children in

Early Years is magical you never know what

your day going to be I enjoy all the activities

with the children. 

Favourite Book: ​It’s got to be Peter Rabbit.

I loved these books when I was a child. 

Favourite Author: Beatrix Potter – obviously! 

Favourite Song:  There are just too many

songs I love to only pick one! 

Hobbies:  I have a rescue dog and love taking him for walks in the parks. I also enjoy going to vintage fairs and salvage fairs.


It is our aim, in Nursery to provide a safe environment for the children to learn, and this is achieved through play and exploration within a variety of topics. We also love to have fun, and music plays a big part in Nursery life whether it be singing songs and Nursery Rhymes, or listening to music while we are dancing. Exposing music to children at such a young age ignites a learning of sounds and meanings of words.

School life begins in Nursery and we forge strong links with parents before the children even start, through organised play sessions where the children can get to know the adults and familiarise themselves with the setting. It is also an opportunity for parents to talk to staff about any questions they may have.

Our overall aim is to capture the children’s imagination which we hope will help to foster a love of learning to last a lifetime.


Please check our Twitter page (@DaneRoydNursery) to see what exciting things we get up to.

What will we learn?


Optional Homework

Summer 2

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Our Designated Safeguarding Team consists of Miss Kelly, Mrs Kendall, Mrs Hemingway and Mr Lee. Our Mental Health Leads are Mrs Hemingway and Mrs Kendall. If you have any concerns about a child or family, please speak to one of these staff members. They can be contacted via the main school office, (01924 242917) or by email, to  (Please mark FAO: DSL/Safeguarding Concern)

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