Dane Royd Mathematicians
Reason, Solve, Persevere

At Dane Royd Junior and Infant School, we want children to have all the skills necessary to become contributing members in an increasingly globalized world. Fundamental to this, is having the ability to apply maths learnt in school both confidently and practically. To this end, we believe our maths curriculum should engage pupils and allow for as much real-life application as possible, both within and outside of the classroom.

As children progress through the maths curriculum at Dane Royd, we want them to build on and consolidate the skills they have learned in previous lessons, terms and year groups, exploring and discovering links to wider maths topics and the curriculum as a whole. Teachers are encouraged to find as many real-life links as possible and incorporate them in maths lessons and elsewhere.

Pupils will become increasingly fluent with number and learn to apply this to a variety of reasoning and problem-solving questions and scenarios.


To support us with our intent, we expect teachers to think carefully about the topics that teach and incorporate maths into as much of the curriculum as possible. Thereby, forging links for children to see the real-life application. We use a number of resources to support the day to day teaching of mathematics, broadly following the White Rose materials.


Children leave our school with the desire for life-long learning, understanding the relevance of what they have been taught and how it will impact them in their future education and later lives -this is true of mathematics. Pupils are confident in applying their skills, show an enjoyment of maths and resilience when tackling the most complex problems.

What do our children like about maths?