As musicians, we want our children to be able to be confident, musical and engaged in what we offer at Dane Royd. We believe that children who learn music at any level learn self- discipline, expression through sound, fine motor skills, further develop problem solving skills and learn how to ignite the creative and critical mind.

At Dane Royd we believe that a high-quality music curriculum inspires children to want to become better musicians and well-rounded children. Music lessons improve listening skills, encourages creativity and fosters team work. At Dane Royd we ensure that music is for everyone, that it is fun and that the lessons are educational building blocks. We want to ensure that music isn’t just for primary school, it is for life.


Through a carefully planned progressive-curriculum, teachers plan engaging topics which they think will inspire, challenge and motivate children to learn. There is a two year rolling programme in which children’s skills and knowledge are embedded and developed during their time at Dane Royd. Our music curriculum is created from the Charanga music scheme as well as teachers adding their own musical elements through curriculum links.

Two Year Music Curriculum Plan
Cycle 1: (2019-2020)
Music LTP1.png
Cycle 2: (2020-21)
music ltp 2020 2021.JPG

This music curriculum is planned to connect all the inter-related dimensions of music across the children’s time at Dane Royd.

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As part of key stage two’s national curriculum music lessons, they have weekly ukulele or guitar lessons from Wakefield Music Service as part of their first access lessons. These are whole school music lessons which teach the children how to play the ukulele. These ‘first access’ lessons often provide a great launch into small group lessons for many budding young musicians. These fun lessons also include singing, musical games and rhythm work and help to develop the young person as a whole.

In addition to these lessons, the whole school have a half termly focus on an inter-related dimension. We then take part in sessions to embed our knowledge of the IRD and in turn this feeds into our weekly lessons.

As well as national curriculum music lessons, at Dane Royd, we have a range of peripatetic group and individual lessons. These include brass, woodwind, strings, guitar and drums. These are available for children in Year 2 upwards. These lessons allow children to progress at their own pace, along with their peers. They then have performance opportunities throughout the year to show their parents and the rest of school everything they have learnt. Please speak to the office if your child is interested in starting lessons.

For children in mainly UFS and KS1 they have the opportunity to learn to play in a band through the Rock Steady Programme. This programme is proven to progress musicianship, confidence and teamwork skills with no prior experience necessary. These children also get regular performance opportunities to show what they have learnt to their parents and their peers. To sign your child up please go to

Outside of the class music lessons, Miss Scanlon, our music co-ordinator, holds weekly singing assemblies for the whole school. These assemblies focus on singing together as a school, boosting positivity and enable children to learn a wide range of songs from hymns to pop songs. The assembly also has time for listening and appreciation of music both the past and present.

Children from Year 1 through to Year 6 are invited to be part of the school choir. They rehearse weekly, during the school day, to prepare for concerts, competitions and events within the local community. Singing in a choir is good for children emotionally, physically and socially. At Dane Royd our choir is ever growing as are the opportunities that come with it. Highlights for the children are being able to take part in the Young Voices Concert in Sheffield Arena as well as competing against other school choirs in local music festivals. If your child is interested in joining then please speak to Miss Scanlon.

For children in Key Stage Two they can also be part of ocarina club. A weekly lunchtime club that allows children to learn a new instrument along with their peers in a safe, fun and friendly environment. If your child is interested in joining then please speak to Miss Scanlon.


At Dane Royd our music curriculum, as well as music activities, enable the children to become performers of the future. They are confident to follow their dreams and build upon what they have learnt and experienced at primary school. Children leave with an appreciation and enjoyment of a range of music from all around the world, past and present.