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Extended Schools

In April 2015 we launched Dane Royd's Out of School Club, also known as sChOOL Club, as part of our extended provision for the benefit of all parents and children in school.


Mrs Beddard and her team provide play care for your children from 7.30am to 6pm. The facilities are located in a dedicated space within the school, between Nursery and the main school entrance. They have their own dedicated entrance. The school has funded the provision of new furniture, play equipment, food preparation facilities and the extension and refurbishment of the toilets.


At sChOOL Club the children have the opportunity to get involved in a huge range of different activities such as painting, outdoor play, small world, role play, reading, drawing, board games, cutting and sticking, construction, ball games and many more! There is also a main activity that changes weekly that all children will get the chance to take part in.


Please enquire in the school office for further information.



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