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Welcome to our Art page!

I am Mrs Kendall and I lead our art curriculum in school. I am always proud when people visit our school, as they always comment on how wonderful our art outcomes are. I love to see children learn a new skill and then use this to be creative in their showcase work.


Mrs Kendall
Art & Design Lead

Intent - Why is art important for our children?

As a school, we believe that art is a vital and integral part of a child’s education. It provide them with opportunities to develop a range of ways in which they can share and express their individual creativity, whilst learning about and making links with a wide spectrum of different types of art in our society. Art contributes to children’s personal development in creativity, independence, judgement and self-reflection. Moreover, it enables pupils to develop a natural sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them and this links to our school’s ethos of making our pupils open-minded global citizens.

We encourage children to develop their skills in drawing, painting, understanding colour and shade whilst developing an understanding and appreciation of art around them. Wakefield is proud to have produced some famous sculptures in the history of Art and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a highlight of our curriculum. 

The art curriculum will develop children’s critical abilities and understanding of their own and others’ cultural heritages through studying a diverse range of male and female artists and designers throughout history.

Implement - What will our children learn?

The skills and knowledge that children will develop throughout each art topic are mapped across each year group and throughout the school to ensure progression. The emphasis on knowledge ensures that children understand the context of the artwork, as well as the artists that they are learning about and being inspired by. This enables links to other curriculum areas, including humanities, with children developing a considerable knowledge of individual artists as well as individual works and art movements. A similar focus on skills means that children are given opportunities to express their creative imagination, as well as practise and develop mastery in the key processes of art: drawing, painting, printing, textiles and sculpture.

Coordinated whole-school project work will ensure that art is given high status in the curriculum and the school takes part in the annual ‘Big Arts Day’ which enables further focus on children’s artistic skills and knowledge in collaboration with other local schools.
The school’s high quality art curriculum is supported through the availability of a wide range of quality resources, which are used to support children’s confidence in the use of different media.

Our Art Curriculum Overview


Art Policy
Our Artists Overview

KS1 Art cycle B.PNG
UKS2 Cycle B art.PNG
Art UFS Cycle A.PNG
Art KS1 Cycle A.PNG
Art LKS2 Cycle A.PNG
Impact - How will it help our children?

Our Art Curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression. If children are keeping up with the curriculum, they are deemed to be making good or better progress. In addition, we measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  • A reflection on standards achieved against the planned outcomes;

  •  A celebration of learning for each term which demonstrates progression across the school;

  • Pupil discussions about their learning; which includes discussion of their thoughts, ideas, processing and evaluations of work Classroom displays reflect the children’s sense of pride in their artwork and this is also demonstrated by creative outcomes across the wider curriculum.

The school environment also celebrates children’s achievements in art and demonstrates the subject’s high status in the school, with outcomes, including sculptures, enhancing the outdoor as well as indoor environment.
The Art curriculum at Dane Royd contributes to children’s personal development in creativity, independence, judgement and self-reflection.

What do our children like about Art & Design?

"I liked scrunching paper to make a picture."

                  Connor - UFS

"I like abstract art because it helps me to express my feelings."

              Harmony, Year 6

I"I like art because you can really share your ideas and be creative. I love how the work is unique."

                           Taylor - Y4

"I like experiencing using different media and showing off my skills."

                   Max - Year 6

I"It helps me to stay calm and focus my mind."

                        Bryn - Y4

Want to continue learning at home?

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