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Our School Values

PROUD to be a 'Dane Royder' 

We want our children and staff to live by the values and ethos of being a part of the Dane Royd community.

Values are the principles we live by - and live up to. Our aim at Dane Royd is to equip our children with the values needed to succeed in life. By expecting our values to be lived at all times, not only do we create a learning environment ready for success, we also build the foundations for our young people to grow into well-rounded, ambitious global citizens who will aspire to make a positive difference to their local community and the world. 


How did we decide on which values were most important to us?

Staff Voice

Staff at Dane Royd share one goal; to make sure children are happy and enjoy school. For this to happen, then staff need to be consistent in their expectations and vision.

Staff completed a questionnaire where they identified some of the core values we expect from our children. We then compiled these into a list to share with the children for their feedback.


Pupil Voice

Our active School Council worked with their classes to find out how pupils at Dane Royd felt about being part of our school community. One of the most feedback feelings was,

PROUD. From this, we worked with the teachers and pupils to write our school values with the overarching theme of 'proud'.


Parent Voice

Governor Voice

This month's Value is:
Open-minded to issues which affect us - locally and globally

Children who demonstrated this term's school value.

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