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Design Technology 


Welcome to our Design Technology page!


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Mrs Child
DT Lead

Intent - Why is Design Technology important for our children?

At Dane Royd Junior and Infant School, our Design Technology curriculum provides children with the skills needed in daily life and skills which can impact upon wider society and the world. We know we are teaching the future generation, so understand the need to give children the building blocks needed to make a positive impact within technology.


Children will leave Dane Royd as skilled, well-equipped and confident design technologists and nutritionists who can use a variety of techniques in a wide range of contexts, preparing them for both later education and later adult life.

We know that fantastic Design Technology lessons will give children skills that they can showcase at home and in the future, even skills they can pass on to adults at home! By matching and linking their learning and understanding to their History and Geography topic drivers we know that children will be even more engrossed in their lessons allowing a deeply embedded skillset to be developed.

We also aim to further their love for design and creation by holding whole school Design Technology days/weeks and cooking days in school where children can take part in things such as Trashion Shows and live cooking shows which both apply their skills to different contexts and place focus on the need for reusable and sustainable materials and produce.

Implement - What will our children learn?

Our curriculum is planned progressively on a two year rolling programme so that skills are developed in a logical progression that not only embeds such skills but inspires, motivates and enthuses all children. The process of the skill progression ensures that understanding is embedded over the course of their time at Dane Royd.

Our DT Curriculum Overview

DT Policy
DT Progression of Skills
DT Curriculum Map
DT Progression of Knowledge
Impact - How will it help our children?

As Design Technologists, we want our children to acquire the skills, strategies and understanding needed to solve real-life, relevant problems and criteria which will enable them to explore and investigate our exciting Design Technology curriculum. From designing then making to evaluating and deepening their technical knowledge, children will broaden their understanding and use a range of creative, thought-provoking and hands-on activities in a range of settings. All of these different contexts will enable them to be inspired and engaged whilst giving them a love for witnessing their designs come to life.

At Dane Royd Junior and Infant School, we want the children to develop a secure understanding designing and making products to suit a purpose in a range of contexts such as home, school, leisure and culture whilst considering the needs of other people. We believe children should have the confidence to take risks, become resilient and determined, and also develop a knowledge of evaluating their results in order to become well-skilled members of society. They will do this through exploring a range of design criteria. Our main aim is to equip children with the skills they need to make contributions to wider society, whilst also developing a love for making products to suit others and themselves.

We believe that Design Technology gives children an understanding of the needs and wants of others, the expertise to perform everyday tasks with confidence and a bank of knowledge needed to design, critique and revise their own and others ideas. Thus helping them to discover their own creative flair and style.

Within Design Technology, children will also become cooks and nutritionists, being taught the skills and ideas necessary to learn the principles of a healthy, balanced diet and nutrition. We want children to learn the cooking skills that they will need in later education and adults life so that they leave primary school equipped with the building blocks of food, cooking and nutrition. From healthy and delicious Thai Green Curry to freshly baked bread, children will develop a love for cooking which can open the door to so much more. We want children to know the basic principles of nutrition whilst understanding where their food comes from and the seasonal changes within ingredients.

What do our children like about DT?

Recommended Books

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Recommended Websites

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