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Dane Royd scientists;
hypothesise, experiment, interpret

Welcome to our Science page!

I am Mrs Ward and I am the Science Leader in school.

I absolutely love watching our children develop their skills and abilities in Science through open-ended experiments and investigations, making connections, analysing and evaluating, whilst working scientifically. 


Mrs Ward
Science Lead

Intent - Why is Science important for our children? What will our children learn?

At Dane Royd, we carefully plan a progressive science curriculum that provides the fundamental understanding of the physical and natural world around us, through the teaching of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We develop children's understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquiries, helping them ask and answer scientific questions. In doing so, children will use technical terminology and vocabulary accurately and precisely, building up specialist vocabulary. 

At Dane Royd, we understand that our science curriculum is integral to every child’s successful educational journey. Science transcends many subjects; from English, Maths, History and Geography to Art, Computing, PE and Music. Science lessons contain personal, social and economic relevance to all children:­


  • In their personal lives, for example, so they can make informed choices about what constitutes a healthy life-style,

  • In their civic lives, for example, so they can contribute to societal decisions on issues like renewable energy and climate change; and

  • In their economic lives, for example, so they can respond positively to changes in future employment opportunities.


Our children are curious about the ever-changing world around them and want to learn about how they can have a positive impact. We believe that by having a secure foundation in scientific principles our children will leave us well prepared for future learning and for their role as future citizens.

Implement - How will our children learn?

We deliver a two year rolling programme that ensures our children continually connect their prior knowledge to more complex scientific concepts and topics. Through engaging lessons, involving exploration and discovery, we increase our children’s curiosity as scientists and develop their skills in working scientifically.


Our children learn to closely observe and record over a period of time, ask challenging questions, create and test their own hypotheses and draw conclusions from meaningful, inquiry based experiences both in and out of the classroom.

Leaders have carefully resourced science including resources for lesson to support teachers planning and delivery and through careful re-design of the school grounds to enhance opportunities for learning in science such as the pond and the small animal enclosure.  

Staff adhere to agreed long term plans ensuring that the specified substantive and disciplinary knowledge is taught from EY to Y6. We assess this knowledge half termly to ensure that all children 'keep up' with our intended curriculum and are well prepared for learning at Key Stage 3. 

How we enrich the curriculum


In addition to this, throughout the school year our children take part in national events such as British Science Week, STEM days and enriching school visits that all help to deepen our pupils' scientific understanding and bring to life otherwise out-of-this-world experiences. We also have a group of nominated ECO Ambassadors from each year group who meet regularly to discuss environmental issues affecting our school.

Our Science Curriculum Overview

23 24 science.JPG
24 25 science.JPG
Knowledge Organisers
KS1 Spr 2 Everyday Materials
KS1 Sum 2 STEM
LKS2 Spr 2 Rocks
LKS2 Sum 1 Sound
UKS2 Spr 2 Everyday Materials
UKS2 Sum 1 Animals incl. Humans
Impact - What is achieved through our Science curriculum?

At Dane Royd, our science curriculum ensures our children leave us ready for future learning and with the scientific skills and knowledge to become compassionate, resilient, critical-thinking, global citizens.


Children leave Early Years achieving well in Understanding the World, prepared for and excited about learning science in Key Stage 1. By the time children leave Dane Royd they have outcomes in science at least in line with national data.

Our partner high school recognises the quality of our provision and noting that our children enter Key Stage 3 ready to excel.

What do our children like about Science?

"I loved the Autumn hunt – it was cool!"

                    Oscar - UFS

"I love investigating different things and being surprised by the results."

                   Laura - Year 4

"I love being practical and experimenting with different things." 

                         Jacob - Year 6

“I liked learning about the five senses and our bodies.”

                    Samuel - Year 1

"Creating circuits has been fantastic this half-term. I've learnt lots!"

                    Izzy - Year 6

Want to continue learning at home?

Recommended Books

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Recommended Websites

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