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Junior Leadership Team

Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders

At Dane Royd, we want our children leave us ready for the future- whatever they aspire to achieve in the next steps of their education journey and on into adulthood. Through our curriculum, learning environment and enriched-opportunities, children develop key building blocks during their years with us, which will equip them with the belief and skills to go on to be strong global citizens of the future.

Part of this is accomplished through our Junior Leadership Team. A natural progression from our successful School Council which has run for many years, we have expanded our ambassadors in school to work with other key stakeholders, with the aim of making Dane Royd the best it can be. The voice of the pupils' is one of the most important and will drive the school forward. 


School Council

Our Schools Councilors are democratically elected by their classmates every academic year. Their job is to be the voice of their class, working alongside the Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Kendall, to plan actions which are important to the children. Projects may be school-focused, in the wider community or looking outwards at the wider world. The pupils’ voices lead the council with the key aim of making Dane Royd and the local community the best it can be.


Reading Ambassadors

Our Reading Ambassadors hold an important role in school, working alongside Mrs Louden, to promote enjoyment in reading.


Digital Leaders

Our computing ambassadors will support Mr Lee in practical ways such as auditing I Pads and ensuring the equipment is ready to use in lessons. They will also meet with Mr Lee about the most relevant matters which young people are faced with today in the on-line world. Mr Lee will work with the Junior leaders to make sure the curriculum is relevant and appropriate for our school and communicate his and the Digital Leaders work through e-safety and committee newsletters to parents.  



Mrs Ward will work with children who are passionate about the environment, both locally and globally. They will explore how school can support with sustainability and important environmental issues - feeding back to the school in whole school assemblies. Follow their journey on social media @DaneRoydECO. 

Animal Ambassadors

Mr Davison introduced our animals into school in 2022, introducing the school community to caring and looking after animals. It was obvious, that alongside Mr Davison, many children were clearly passionate about the welfare and happiness of animals. It is therefore their job to make sure the Dane Royd animals are safe and happy in our care.


Arts Ambassadors

Mrs McNally is an enthusiastic musician who has lead the school choir for many years. Her knowledge of the arts is something which she will share with her Art Ambassadors this year; listening to their voice as to how we can make music and the arts even stronger across school. They will also have the job in supporting at whole school events such as our infamous 'Carols by the Tree' and our summer concert.


Sports Leaders

Mr Watson is a passionate PE teacher and has so many skills to teach our Sports Leaders. Our Sports Leaders will support Mr Watson at inter and intra-sporting events. They will also have the important job this year of working with Mr Watson and Miss Mortimer to make playtimes an active and fun place for everyone. One of their main jobs this year being to lead different activities in the various playground zones.

Mental Health and Well-being Ambassadors  

Mrs Hemingway will be working with a group of children, training them in ways they can support children’s mental health and happiness in school. It is important that they are the voice of the children and work with Mrs Hemingway, making school leaders aware of ways which we can support the happiness and well-being of everyone.


Playground Pals

As part of the Well-being ambassadors, Mrs Hemingway will also lead the Playground Pals team. Their job is to make sure all children have a happy playtime and will work with the staff on duty to play with children and be there for people who need someone to talk to.

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