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As Computer Scientists, we want our children to acquire a wide range of computing skills and strategies to enable them to become skilled informational technologists, computer scientists and digital literacy experts. We have a carefully prepared, broad and balanced computing curriculum that allows children to investigate and understand a wide range of computing skills that will prepare them for wider, later life. We embed and teach these skills through a wide range of exciting projects which focus on engaging, real-life application activities such as game design, augmented reality, animations and webpage building. From Magical Storytelling to Puzzling times, the Zoo to Its My Business, children will be hooked in to a variety of projects which will develop not only their skillset, but their imagination, and leave them with a love for technology.

At Dane Royd Junior and Infant School, we want children to understand the wider impact and purpose of a wide range of technologies and how computers can impact the world we live in by exploring the many everyday purposes we use technology for. Our main aim is to embed in pupils an engagement and enthusiasm for computer science and its links with the wider world and other areas.

Computing enables pupils to develop computational thinking, creativity and logical reasoning in order to learn about systems around them that they may come face to face with in life. As well as equipping pupils with the principles of information technology that they will need, Computing through a deep, rich curriculum allows them to apply their learning to a variety of contexts and contents. It also ensures that children eventually develop a digital literacy over their computer science so that they can put forward their ideas in a technological manner that is also appropriate for the future digital world they will live in.


The key principles of internet safety are deeply woven into our curriculum. Children recognise and respond to cyberbullying, understand the importance of creating strong passwords and how to use privacy settings. As consumers of digital content they are beginning to discern facts from misinformation and determine trustworthy sources. Within the safety of the classroom they are beginning to produce a wide variety of media such as tweets, podcasts, videos, emails and blogs. 


Through a thoroughly and carefully planned skill progressive curriculum, teachers are able to teach inspiring projects from the Mr Andrew’s Online Scheme that hook, enthuse and stimulate children’s minds preparing them for learning. There is a two year rolling programme in which children’s skills and knowledge are embedded and developed during their time at Dane Royd.

We understand the importance of creating a positive reading culture in school, and reading is celebrated in every classroom through displays and imaginative reading corners. At Dane Royd our children are exposed to ambitious vocabulary displayed in classrooms and in the corridors, and in lower school, the use of songs, nursery rhymes and stories add to the language rich environment.  We have also adopted the ‘Bedrock vocabulary’ program in Key Stage 2, which assists in teaching children ‘tricky’ words explicitly within the context of aspirational fictional and non-fiction texts. In addition to this, throughout the school year the importance of reading is heightened through the celebration of national days, such as World Book Day, author and poet visits, reading breakfasts and book fairs, which enrich and complement children’s learning. 

We strongly believe that reading is the bedrock for learning, and we know that high-quality experiences inspire children to want to read. By linking reading to a range of curriculum areas, children will be fully immersed in their learning and deepen their knowledge and understanding.

Two Year Computing Curriculum Plan
Cycle 1: (2019-2020)
Two Year Computing Curriculum Plan
Cycle 2: (2020-2021)

At Dane Royd Junior and Infant School, we are very much giving the children the building blocks that they need in order to become part of a continuously expanding digital world where they can be active members, shaping the future.


Children will leave Dane Royd as skilled, well-equipped and confident computer scientists, information technologists and digital literacy experts who can use technology and computers for a wide range of purposes, preparing them for both later education and later adult life.

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