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Welcome to our EYFS page!

I am Mrs Ward and I am the EYFS Leader in school.



The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the period of education from birth to 5. It is called the foundation stage because the learning involved in the EYFS prepares children for the National Curriculum in Key Stage 1. During the EYFS, areas of learning will be introduced in ways that are suitable for young children, most often through planned, purposeful play. 

Albert Einstein famously said “play is the highest form of research” but within the education sector play is often seen as a break from serious learning. Here at Dane Royd we believe play is serious learning for our youngest children.

Our intention is that, through purposeful play experiences, in a high quality and language rich learning environment and with the support of our dedicated and experienced team of early years professionals, our children leave us ‘school ready’.


But what does ‘school ready’ mean exactly? At Dane Royd these are our top 10 curricular goals for children in EYFS:

1. Through play I will learn to safely manage risks. I will develop both the physical and emotional skills to persevere when facing a challenge.
2. Through play I will have hands-on experiences beyond my reach in real life. My imagination will develop and I will be ready to create, develop and share my ideas.
3. Through play I will have open ended opportunities to construct, deconstruct and reconstruct. I will understand how to use materials and equipment for a purpose. I will have a sense of pride in my work but at this stage it will be process driven not outcome led.
4. Through play I will naturally acquire the life skills needed to be an active member of society. I will gain the confidence to become a successful, independent learner.
5. Through play I will learn how to be a kind and respectful individual. I will celebrate everyone’s uniqueness.
6. Through play I will begin making connections about the natural world. I will have a basic understanding of how I can have a positive impact on the planet.
7. Through play I will develop speaking and listening skills. The breadth of language I acquire will support my ability to socialise. I will also be ready to learn a range of subjects and will know some key vocabulary to support this.
8. Through play I will develop my fine and gross motor skills, gaining control over my body. I will be ready to sit at a table and hold a pencil effectively. I will have the stamina and more importantly the desire to write.
9. Through play I will develop my understanding of number. I will be able to procedurally and conceptually subitise. I will be ready to problem solve.
10. Through play I will develop my creative skills learning to sing, dance and make music with instruments. I will be ready to perform in front of an audience.

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