Sports Premium 2018-19

How the Sports Premium funding is being used at Dane Royd J & I School, 2018-19

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Sports Provision Impact

In order to sustain the improvements made to schools sports at Dane Royd since the introduction of the Sports Premium funding we have made a the decision to by fully committed to the continuous development of school sport by employing a teacher with a specialism in Physical Education.

Through this targeted approach we are fully committed to sport and developing a healthy lifestyle.

Our Physical Education Leader is Mr Watson, a graduate of Leeds Becket University. Leeds Becket have a fantastic reputation in teaching training, and are leaders in the training of teachers with a sports specialism. Mr Watson also brings to the school the experience of coaching Saturday league football teams, his own training and participation in club sports as well as numerous coaching certifications.

One of Mr Watson's goals was to work with local and regional sporting organisations to develop the link between school sport and community sport. Further more he wanted to establish sporting leagues with inter-school competitions between schools within our local geographical location.

Mr Watson firmly believes in providing high quality resources for all sporting lessons, ensuring pupils take pride in themselves when representing the school and having playing surfaces / facilities that enable pupils to perform to the best of their ability.

That is why the School Sports Premium has been so important in on our school, allowing us to develop participation rates in school sports and introduce more and more activities.

Mr Watson now has a strong compliment of staff supporting school sports. 

Mr Watson

PE Leader

Sports Premium Lead

Mr Mensah

P.E. Specialist

Miss Scanlon

Netball Coach

In addition to building a team of staff, Mr Watson has worked with community sports teams to ensure that we have the opportunity to play our home games of football in the Kettlethorpe football league at the Hall Green United football ground. The facilities are very close to our school, so easily accessible. In addition we are able to offer visiting teams refreshments after the games, therefore allowing pupils to socialise with other pupils after the game. 

Mr Watson has also dedicated some of our Sports Premium Grant to providing brand new sporting kit. This is an area that had been lacking previously. We are delighted with the kit and the children have reported feeling very proud to wear our school colours.

All of our sports are open to boys and girls and so are our teams. 

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