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Safeguarding at Dane Royd is everyone's responsibility. All key stake holders are committed to the health, safety and happiness of our pupils.

The curriculum at Dane Royd is designed to use various learning opportunities across all subjects to teach our young people how to be safe and happy, both in school and at home and on-line. Our Relationships and Sex Education curriculum and policy have been created in consultation with parents and governors.

Children and Safeguarding

Dane Royd has adopted the Wakefield Young People's Charter. This was written by young people from across the Wakefield district alongside professionals. It demonstrates how young people want to be, and have the right to be, treated. All children are aware of this and we display these charters around the school building.


Parents and Safeguarding

Our school is part of the Operation Encompass programme.

What is Operation Encompass?

Operation Encompass is an initiative to support children and young people in school following a domestic abuse incident the previous day.

The purpose of Operation Encompass is to safeguard and support those children and young people who have witnessed or been present or live at a property where there has been a domestic abuse incident.

Operation Encompass aims to ensure that appropriate school staff are made aware at the earliest possible stage in order to provide relevant and tailored support to children and young people immediately following the incident to help ‘make the next day better’.

How does it work?

A report is made to schools before the start of the next school day when a child or young person has witnessed or been present at a domestic abuse incident the previous day and police are called.

The information is given in strict confidence to a Key Adult in school who would then be able to accommodate the school day to lessen the impact of the incident and to support the child if they need it. At Dane Royd School the information would be given to one of the Designated Senior Leads for Safeguarding in school.

Social Care Direct

If you or some one you know needs any help or support then your first point of contact is Social Care Direct. 

If you have an concerns about the welfare or safety of a child, young person or vulnerable adult then please contact Social Care Direct. Any information you give will be treated with confidentiality. 

Social Care Direct are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

Telephone 0845 8 503 503.

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