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The Governing Body

The governing body are responsible for ensuring they provide strategic leadership which sets the strategy for and champions the school’s culture, vision and ethos. They make strategic decisions that aim to improve educational standards and financial performance. They provide governance structures with clearly defined governance roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. The governing body comply with its statutory and contractual requirements and carry our regular evaluations to monitor and improve the quality and impact of governance. 


The Chair of the Governing Body is Mr Roger Burton.

Mr Burton may be contacted through the school office.


Co-opted Governors

Mr Roger Burton

Mrs Samantha Harvey

Mr John Rhodes

Mrs Anna Richens

Mr Jon Snape

Mr Paul Denton


LA Governors

Mr Nick Rook


Parent Governors

Mrs Hannah Legg

Mrs Chantal Midgley

Governor Headteacher

Miss Clare Kelly


Staff Governors

Mrs Gemma Kendall (Deputy Headteacher)


Associate Governors

Mr John Brady

Mr Lee Wilson

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