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School Voting Day



School Council Vision

Our vision this year is to be the voice of the children and work with the teachers and SLT on projects and ideas to help Dane Royd to continue being the best it can be and to support each other to keep safe and follow the special rules that have been put in place by all our teachers.


Our purpose:

  • We aim to get things done to make our school better.

  • To find ways to improve our school.

  • To give every pupil a voice and to make all decision making fair.



Membership and Elections

Anyone at Dane Royd can put themselves forward to be a School Councillor. Our School Councillors are elected through a democratic voting process which take place in each class after prospective candidates have given a speech about their intentions if they were to be elected


Our School Councillors for 2021-22

At Dane Royd, every class from Upper Foundation Stage through to Year 6 have two School Council representatives. For this year’s representatives, please see below.










Our School Councilors 


Roles in the School Council

Vice Person


Chair Person






School Council Meetings

We hold regular meetings to discuss ways in which we can improve our school. We also come up with ideas for raising money for charity and for the school and often act as the judging panel for school competitions.

Members of the Governing Body attend our School Council meetings. Usually  each meeting begins with a shared lunch with the children and Deputy Head, Mrs Kendall. We sit down to eat together, as a School Council, preparing our thoughts prior to the meeting.


During the meetings we have a Chair Person who leads the meeting and a minute taker. It is the responsibility of the School Council members to report back outcomes to their class. Sometimes the School Council will lead assemblies to share information with the whole school. This year we will learn to use electronic ways to communicate. We have a School Council noticeboard which is situated by our hall.


How can you help our School Council be the best it can be?

As a child who goes to Dane Royd, don't forget that you can put forward your suggestions about how to improve our school in a number of ways:

  • Speak to a School Council representative and they will jot your comments down, which they will then take to the next meeting.

  • You can also write down your idea on a slip of paper and post it to your School Council representative. They will then bring this to the next meeting.

  • Write down your idea on a slip of paper and post it to Mrs Kendall who will take it to the School Council meeting. 

School Council Minutes 2021-22

Our Projects