School Council

School Council Overview

At Dane Royd, every class from Upper Foundation Stage through to Year 6 have two School Council representatives. We hold regular meetings to discuss ways in which we can improve our school. We also come up with ideas for raising money for charity and for the school and often act as the judging panel for school competitions.

Members of the Governing Body attend our School Council meetings. Each meeting begins with a shared lunch. We sit down to eat together, as a School Council, preparing our thoughts prior to the meeting.


During the meetings we have a Chair Person who leads the meeting and a minute taker. It is the responsibility of the School Council members to report back outcomes to their class. Sometimes the School Council will lead assemblies to share information with the whole school. We have  a School Council noticeboard which is situated by our hall.

As a child who goes to Dane Royd, don't forget that you can put forward your suggestions about how to improve our school in a number of ways:-

  • Speak to a School Council representative and they will jot your comments down, which they will then take to the next meeting.

  • You can also write down your idea on a slip of paper and post it to your School Council representative. They will then bring this to the next meeting.

  • Write down your idea on a slip of paper and post it to Miss Mortimer who will take it to the School Council meeting. 

School Council 2018-19

At Dane Royd, our School Councillors are elected through a democratic voting process which takes place in each class after prospective candidates have given a speech about their intentions if they were to be elected. We were very impressed at some of the campaign efforts this year! The ballot took place on 2.10.18. The results of the ballot were then announced in the assembly hall and they were each given a School Council badge. The first meeting was held on  where we discussed the purpose of the School Council and appointed a Chair, Vice Chair.

School council meetings will be held every other Thursday in Miss Mortimer’s classroom from 12:30pm prompt. Councillors may go for lunch early to ensure they can attend on time.

Please note the dates below for scheduled meetings this AUTUMN term:

Thursday 11th October

Thursday 25th October

Thursday 8th November

Thursday 22nd November

Thursday 6th December

Thursday 20th December

Dane Royd School Council Constitution

The School councillors have contributed to the drafting of a constitution to ensure that our school council runs effectively and successfully and that the guidelines and purpose are clear.

School Council Minutes 2018-19

The 2018-19School Councillors:

Upper Foundation Stage- Ruby and Cole

Year 1- Darci and Gabriel

Year 1/2- Ella and Lucius

Year 2- Kendal and Noah

Year 3- Leyla and Brandon

Year 3/4- Mia and Keyaan

Year 4- Surabhi and Alfie

Year 5- Sam and Isobel

Year 5/6- Rosie and Jake

Year 6- Erin (Chair) and Harvey (Vice Chair)

The 2017-18 School Councillors:

Upper Foundation Stage- Henry and Alexandra

Year 1- Jacob and Rose

Year 1/2- Reuben and Lilly-Mae

Year 2- Alfie and Eva

Year 3- Theo (Secretary) and Skyla

Year 3/4- Alfie and Poppy

Year 4- Ryan and Lily

Year 5- Preston and Olivia (Blogger)

Year 5/6- Miles and Molly (Blogger)

Year 6- Ashton (Chair) and Emma (Vice Chair)

School Council 2016-2017

The School Councillors were as follows:

Upper Foundation Stage- Henry and Daisy-Boo

Year 1- Tristan and Poppy

Year 1/2- Lucas and Grace

Year 2- Theo and Surahbi

Year 3- Stephen and Keira

Year 3/4- Joshua and Jasmyne

Year 4- George and Daisy

Year 5- Harrison and Terezia

Year 5/6- George and Tahlia

Year 6- Sam and Holly

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The Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding in school is Miss Kelly.

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mrs Kendall, Mr Mensah and Mrs White. Should you have any safeguarding concerns, you should contact one of our Safeguarding leads.

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