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We are currently updating our school website- our newly revised curriculum offer will be on our website by the end of October 2022.

What do we want for our children at Dane Royd?

We are proud to be recognised for our wider outlook and our work globally. As a school, we have extremely high aspirations for our pupils and we believe by broadening their understanding of the country and the world in which they live, we are helping our young people be ‘Future Ready’. We want to educate our children to have the confidence and knowledge about different cultures, languages and, as a consequence, an appreciation of different countries; enabling them to be respectful Global Citizens .

At Dane Royd, we recognise that our community has a lot to offer our school and pupils. We continually look for opportunities to engage with our community to empower our children to recognise where they live has an awful to offer, but also to encourage children to consider how they could give back to their local community. We want our young people to respectful and motivated Wakefield citizens who care for and respect their local environment.

At Dane Royd, the children are at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about providing our children with a stimulating, engaging and inspiring curriculum.  We have high expectations of all our children and encourage them and support them to achieve, across the curriculum, to their highest potential. We want children to leave Dane Royd as well-rounded, confident young adults who can achieve anything they put their minds to.

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How will we achieve this?

Theme weeks/Whole School Events

Our Curriculum planner ensures themed weeks and events are planned for. We believe these opportunities allow children to fully immerse themselves in the experience and this is evident in the outcomes at the end of the project.

International Links

We are proud to be citizens of Wakefield and want our pupils to share in this sense of pride. We explore the history of the area and how this had built on the Hall Green, Wakefield in which they live today. Our Community can also teach us a lot and we constantly look at how we can create and maintain strong community links.

International Links

Our school is very proud to have such strong international links, particularly with our partner school in Chengdu. Our Year 6 children, along with their families, have the once in a life time opportunity to visit our link school where they experience the culture and ethos of life in China as a child.

Mindfulness and Well-being

We want to equip our children with the skills and strategies to be ‘Future Ready’.  We believe all children need to be well-balanced and emotionally stable before any subject learning can commence. Happy children leads to happy learning.

Children’s Voice

Our children are at the heart of our curriculum and their voice is key. Children are encouraged to pose questions about their learning and build their thirst for new knowledge and skills. Subject Leaders actively listen to and respond to Pupil’s Voice about subjects to ensure they receive the best experience possible.


Children learn best when there is a purpose. Teachers try to make learning as purposeful as possible, building on previous learning to make a cohesive and meaningful experience. Where appropriate, topical and current affairs are discussed and planned in for to allow children to explore the world in which they live.

Enrichment Activities

Learning is brought to life through a range of exciting and engaging visits linked to different topics. In addition to this, we are very proud of our extra-curricular offer for all our children. A wide range of sporting, DT, computing and arts clubs are offered for all year groups.

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