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Educational Visits

Bringing learning to life

Trips, visits and learning off-site comprise an essential part of the school curriculum at Dane Royd. Successful trips provide memorable learning experiences and enhance the children’s education in ways that are not possible in the classroom. The school is committed to providing school visits as a positive tool to develop pupils’ independent, investigative learning, and to build their experience of the local and wider world.

What are the benefits of educational visits?

  • Reinforcing classroom learning

  • Increasing motivation and engagement

  • Embeds learning by being "hands on"

  • Engages different types of learners

  • Experiencing different environments

  • Developing global citizens

  • Having fun!

For more information about Educational Visit at Dane Royd, please see the policy below.

Educational Policy

Educational Visits 2022-2023


Lower Key Stage 2 visit Jorvik Viking Centre - October 2021

Years 3 and 4 had a fantastic visit as part of their Vicious Viking topic. Whilst there, we explored a Viking village, took part in a battle tactics workshop, found out about Anglo-Saxon medicines and became archaeologists digging for artefacts. 

It was so interesting and exciting. I learnt lots and it was great to see what a Viking village would have looked like. 

                                     Joshua - Year 4

I loved being an architect. I had to brush the artefacts carefully so I didn't break anything! 

                                 Pollyanna - Year 4

Key Stage 1 visit Skipton Castle - October 2021

Children in Key Stage 1 enjoyed a visit to Skipton Castle to end their topic on Castles. They were able to experience  castle first hand and enjoyed applying their new knowledge from the topic to a real life experience. The children had a tour of the castle and saw everything from the dungeon and the long drop to the medieval kitchen and banqueting hall. Pupils were able to ask the tour guides about events that had happened at Skipton Castle and also show what they had learnt in school.

I loved being able to see a real castle. The dungeon was scary in the dark. I wouldn't have wanted to be in there for 20 weeks!

Aster - Year 1

I loved going into the dungeon! The long drop was their toilet and it was gross. Everything went down it into the moat.

Felix - Year 2

Upper Key Stage 2 visit  Skelton Grange Environment Centre - November 2021

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 had an amazing time at Skelton Grange Environmental Centre. The visit supported and developed the children's knowledge of sustainability and how it is vital communities pull together to save nature. Pupils learnt how local volunteers believed in the environment and worked together to develop the unused land - developing it into the natural habitat it is today. Children also enjoyed some team building activities where they used problem solving and team skills to achieve a goal. A lovely day ended with roasting popcorn over an open fire! 

The den building was so much fun! We worked really hard as a team to make our tee-pee. 

                           Bradley - Year 5

The volunteers have worked so hard to bring nature back to the area. It made me realise how we have to look after our planet. 

                           Angelica - Year 5

Upper Key Stage 2 visit  Robinwood - July 2022

Children in Years 5 and 6 finished off the academic year with a fantastic residential visit to Robinwood Centre, in Wrexham, Wales. From the high ropes and giant swing, to canoeing and trapeze, staff and children had a great time. The purpose of the visit was not only to celebrate the children's achievements this year, but also to show children how they can push themselves out of their comfort zone, setting themselves challenges and feeling a sense of achievment - all whilst having a fun time!

I challenged myself to complete the High Ropes challenge this year, and I did it! I felt great knowing I had beaten my fears.

                                 Joseph - Y6

My favourite part was the Giant Swing. My tummy felt all wobbly

after but I loved it!

                                Easten - Y5

I liked the team challenge on the first night. The hot chocolate was yummy and I liked time to celebrate each others achievements from the day. 

                                            Poppy - Y6

Lower Key Stage 2 visit  Tropical World - September 2022

Pupils in Years 3 and 4 enjoyed their visit to Tropical World in Leeds linked to their 'Under the Canopy' topic. Children were able to experience what the climate would be like in an actual rainforest, discover some of the plants and animals that are native to rainforests, and explore the different rainforest layers. Children also took part in a workshop in order to learn more exciting facts and information about the rainforests of the world. 

It was great to experience what the climate is actually like in a rainforest. I also liked seeing the different plants and animals.

                             Phoebe - Year 4

I liked the workshop. We got to find out even more about the rainforests around the world.

                             Oscar - Year 4

Key Stage 1 visit  Lightway Railway - October 2022

Pupils in Years 1 and 2 had an exciting day at Whistelstop Valley Railway as part of their 'Wheels and Wings' topic. 

Year 6 Visit STEM at UTC Leeds  (Royal Navy) - November 2022

Our Year 6 pupils visited the University Technical College in Leeds to take part in a Royal Navy STEM challenge morning. This involved completing a ‘Round Robin’ of activities: creating circuits using Snap Circuits equipment; creating working pneumatic systems; programming SPRK Spheros to complete challenges; solving a giant Towers of Hanoi puzzle; creating effective gas turbine engine blades; and using virtual reality to experience being on Royal Navy aircraft and ships. 


 I really enjoyed our trip to UTC. We got to do lots of activities that we do not normally get to do like programming the robots using the iPads.

                                          Lucius - Y6

I loved the trip to UTC because it was really fun and interesting. My favourite was the VR headsets because you got to experience what it is like being in the vehicles and taking off.

                                              Aiden - Y6

Upper Foundation Stage visit Lotherton Hall - November 2022

Our children in Upper Foundation Stage had a magical visit to Lotherton Hall where they got to meet a very special visitor;

Father Christmas himself! He read us a story and we all had a lovely time having our photos with him. He had even brought some festive snow from The North Pole. We all had an amazing day - so much so, there were lots of sleeping children on the way home!

Young Voice Manchester Arena - February 2023

Mrs McNally lead the School Choir in another amazing Young Voices event. The children loved being part of an arena choir and they sang beautifully. The highlight of the day was singing with Heather Small on her newly recorded song, Proud! 

 The Beatboxers were amazing! I couldn't believe they could use their voices to make the songs sound like on the radio. Wow!

                                          Laura- Y4

 I love singing in the arena. When we sang to the audience and the lights went up, I was so excited.

                                          Betsy - Y5

UKS2 visit Cannon Hall WW2 Experience Day - February 2023

Children in Years 5 and 6 were evacuated to Cannon Hall for their own safety in February. Whilst at the hall, they had a wonderful stay and learnt lots. From how to bake ration carrot cookies, to how to play tiddlywinks and how to make do and mend by darning a rug. Thankfully the air raid was only short and children could return home for the end of the school day.

 I loved dressing up for the visit - I really felt like I was being evacuated in the war. My favourite part of the day was playing the WW2 games - they were lots of fun.

                                          Taylor - Y5

I couldn't believe how nice the carrot cookies tasted with just a few ingredients. I liked seeing the gardens where the land army would have grown the food for the kitchens.                             Alexandra -  Y5

UFS visit to The Deep in Hull - March 2023

Upper Foundation enjoyed an exciting visit to The Deep as part of their 'Under the Sea' topic. 

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