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Food Technology

Dane Royd chefs;
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Welcome to our Food Tech page!

Our love for food had inspired the food technology curriculum and we are especially proud of how involved the children are in growing, harvesting and cooking their own fruits and vegetables in their planned cooking sessions.

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Mrs Child
Food Tech Lead

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Intent - Why is Food Technology important for our children?

Within Food Technology, children will become cooks and nutritionists, being taught the skills and ideas necessary to learn the principles of a healthy, balanced diet and nutrition. We want children to learn the cooking skills that they will need in later education and adults life so that they leave primary school equipped with the building blocks of food, cooking and nutrition. From healthy and delicious beef burgers to freshly baked bread, children will develop a love for cooking which can open the door to so much more. We want children to know the basic principles of nutrition whilst understanding where their food comes from and the seasonal changes within ingredients.

Implement - What will our children learn?

Our curriculum is planned progressively on a two year rolling programme so that skills are developed in a logical progression that not only embeds such skills but inspires, motivates and enthuses all children. The process of the skill progression ensures that understanding is embedded over the course of their time at Dane Royd. This understanding comprises of developing knowledge about cooking, nutrition and food processes promoting healthy food choices.  Children are completely involved with the food growing process and each key stage will plant fruits or vegetables which they will later harvest and use in their recipes. 

Our Food Technology Curriculum Overview

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Impact - How will it help our children?

Children will leave Dane Royd with the knowledge, skills and confidence surrounding cooking and nutrition. This can make a real difference to the quality of our children’s lives as it promotes healthy food choices which contributes to general health and wellbeing. Ensuring that children are involved with the growing process of their food they learn to care for living things and develop an understanding of the importance of nature which fosters a culture of environmental respect and responsibility.

What do our children like about Food Technology?
Want to continue learning at home?

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