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Mrs Ward

Favourite Subject: I'm really struggling to

pick just one thing but I do really love the

'awe and wonder' children experience during


Favourite Book: Each Peach Pear Plum by

Janet and Alan Ahlberg. I must have read it

over a hundred times since my children have

been born. 

Favourite Author: I mean come on it's got to be Julia Donaldson right...she's a legend!

Favourite Song: Happy by Pharell Williams - It's one of those songs where you just can't stop yourself from smiling when you hear it.

Hobbies: Out of school I'm pretty much a chauffeur to 3 sporty teens. If I'm not spectating at a tumbling comp, it will be a netball match or CrossFit box or rowing regatta. When I do get a spare minute, I absolutely love reading - from cookery books, to the latest research in childhood development. Did you know Mrs Dyson is an author - I have read all 3 of her books and can't wait for more!

Mrs Bond


Favourite Subject: I love teaching Music

but my favourite subject is History.

Finding out about the past using different

sources as clues can be exciting.

Favourite Book: My favourite book has always

been The Tiger Who Came to tea. Both my

daughters love reading this with me.

Favourite Author: Judith Kerr

Favourite Song: TBC

Hobbies: I like to play musical instruments as a performer, in concert or below the stage at the theatre. I love to cook and am a keen baker - though still searching for the perfect chocolate cake recipe!

Mrs Cooper


Favourite Subject: Art

Favourite Book: Peace at last

(large family series by Jill Murphy)

Favourite Author: Roald Dahl

Favourite Song: I can’t possibly pick just

one song but I do love Ed Sheeran!

Hobbies: Walking the dogs, hiking and eating yummy Italian food.

Mrs Hall

Favourite Subject: Maths and Art

Favourite Book: Going on a Bear Hunt

and Running Wild

Favourite Author: TBC

Favourite Song: Robbie Williams Angels

Hobbies: Anything creative, and outside in nature.

Mrs Hall.jpg

Welcome to Upper Foundation

Meet the Staff



Mrs Child

Favourite Subject: Maths! I love maths and

the links it has to the world around us, it

can be exciting and fascinating if you just

look a little closer.  
Favourite Book: We’re going on a Bear hunt

by Michael Rosen. This story allows you to

get creative and imaginative. I love to put

actions to the story and make it my own. My little boy also loves this story and you will often hear and find us going on bear hunts of our own. 
Favourite Author: Julia Donaldson! I read all her stories to my children at home. 
Favourite Song: baa baa black sheep. As an early years teacher, I have found this song to be one that many children adore and love to perform. It is always a pleasure to see the pride children have after completing their performance.  
Hobbies: I love to be creative and I enjoy getting crafty when I get the opportunity. I also enjoy going on walks and admiring the beautiful places around us. 


Mr Davison

Favourite Subject: No question - Geography!

There’s so much to see and understand in our

world. Geography just gives you itchy feet

every day to go and see it.


Favourite Book: Peter Pan…Where’s Neverland.

“Second star to the right and straight on till

morning!” Could any line get your imagination

going more?!

Favourite Author: I'm with Mrs Ward on this one! Julia Donaldson every time!

Favourite Song: Ain't no mountain high enough! That song just makes me want to dance around the room and throw shapes.

Hobbies: Walking my two dogs and trying to master the perfect cup of tea! It's a hobby but it's essential work as well- any tips? Let me know.

Mrs Bailey


Favourite Subject: My favourite subject has

got to be music - I loved it when I was at

school and enjoy watching the children

exploring music now!


Favourite Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Loved to read this to my own children and

the discussions it brought about how things



Favourite Author: As a child my favourite author was Enid Blyton. I was often in trouble with my mum for reading by torch light.


Favourite Song: I cannot pick just one as I love lots of different music!


Hobbies: I enjoy reading, live music, walking our three dogs, spending time at our caravan and jewellery making.

Vicki Child.PNG

In UFS we provide a safe, nurturing and creative environment where your children can flourish and grow into independent young learners, ready for the next stage of their school journey.

We are proud to have produced an environment in which children can thrive in their learning with plentiful activities on offer, carefully designed to promote discovery and application of skills in an exciting way linked to our topics. Our indoor and outdoor provision areas are well-resourced and facilitate the children in directing their own learning through play.

In our care, your children are challenged to be the best version of themselves.  We believe in an inclusive approach to education and so in addition to equipping your child with knowledge and understanding across the 17 different areas of the EYFS curriculum, we aspire for them to demonstrate kindness, to be inquisitive and to display determination when tackling new things. ​

Please follow us on Twitter @DaneRoydUFS to keep up to date with what we get up to!


Our Designated Safeguarding Team consists of Miss Kelly, Mrs Kendall, Mrs Hemingway and Mr Lee. Our Mental Health Leads are Mrs Hemingway and Mrs Kendall. If you have any concerns about a child or family, please speak to one of these staff members. They can be contacted via the main school office, (01924 242917) or by email, to  (Please mark FAO: DSL/Safeguarding Concern)

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