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Music Instrumental Lessons

We are very proud of the music curriculum on offer at Dane Royd, and believe the love and skills learnt through learning an instrument are beneficial across so many other areas of the curriculum. From our youngest children in UFS and KS1 having the opportunity to be in a Rock Band, to Key Stage 2 pupils having access to woodwind, brass, and strings lessons including violin, guitar or cello.


Who teaches the music tuition?

Specialist teachers come into school to teach children their lessons. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to develop their musical talent, whilst working with a highly qualified music teacher. Children who choose to learn an instrument must be committed to practice every day so that good progress can be maintained for the group. Your child will be expected to practice at home and will need encouragement and a quiet place with no distractions, such as television, in order to get the best out of this commitment.

How much will tuition cost?

The Wakefield Music Service provides tuition at a cost of £69 per term for a small group subscription, an individual 20 minute lesson at £138 per term and an individual 30 minute lesson at £207 per term. Children in receipt of Free School Meals are exempt from payment of the small group fees for one instrument, on application but do not qualify for individual lessons.


How can I apply for my child to have music tuition?

Staff from the music service come to school to give children an aptitude test to see if they are at the right level to begin tuition. Those children whom the staff consider capable will be given further information about the service. Please note, the inital assessment is free of charge and that payment for lessons is only required if your child is successful in obtaining a place.

If this is something you may be interested in please speak to the school office for more information on how to move forward with this.

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